Capacity Building Resources

Looking to carry the lessons from Elevate into your daily life? These resources give you the tools and inspiration you’ll need to keep improving and aiming higher.

Spiritual Capacity is who you are, what you want most, and the principles you live by. To build your Spiritual Capacity, start by deeply reflecting on your values and priorities. What experiences make you feel fulfilled, what environments drain your energy? Check out these resources to guide your reflection.

Intellectual Capacity is how you think, learn, plan and execute with discipline. People with high Intellectual Capacity are consistently looking to learn new things, building productive habits into their lives, and seeing every situation as an opportunity to learn. These resources will help you start building these improvements into your own life.

Physical Capacity is about your health, well-being and physical performance. Having high Physical Capacity goes beyond basics like food and diet and includes things like getting proper sleep, reducing stress and building your resilience. These resources will help you get started.

Emotional Capacity is your ability to overcome self-limiting beliefs, how easily you overcome obstacles, and the quality of your relationships. To build your Emotional Capacity, start by considering what limits you’re placing on yourself, and take an honest look at which relationships in life you need to dedicate more time to—and which you should distance yourself from. These resources will help.