Thriving In The New World of Remote Work
A New Course From Robert Glazer - Now Available

Learn the strategies, tactics and tools you need to excel as an employee, manager or leader while working from home.

Join Robert Glazer, CEO of an award-winning remote organization and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Elevate, as he guides you through a comprehensive playbook to help you excel as a remote worker. Whether you are an individual contributor, manager, executive or founder, this course has proven, actionable advice to help you be happy, fulfilled and engaged while working from home:

  • How to set up an effective, comfortable remote workspace.
  • How to set and manage your daily schedule to preserve your energy and get more done without burning out.
  • How to be fulfilled and effective while working remotely.
  • The cultural principles needed for a top remote workplace.
  • How to effectively hire remote employees.
  • How to manage and lead remote teams and organizations.

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