Episode 5

Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad on Affecting Positive Change

How do we bring about positive change in others? In organizations, communities … in ourselves?

These are the questions that Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad and his team at Akoben seek to answer.

Dr. Muhammad, our guest on this episode of Elevate with Robert Glazer, is the founder of Akoben, an inspiring organization that provides trainings, consulting and keynotes with the goal of transforming individuals, organizations and communities and positively affecting change.

Dr. Muhammad has served as a teacher, Principal, Campus President, and Executive and State Director of a multitude of national and international organizations, and has been a grassroots organizer, activist and advocate for marginalized youth for nearly 25 years.

In addition to his work with Akoben, Dr. Muhammad currently serves as the Vice President of several educational, mental health, and human services operations across multiple states.

It was an honor to have him on Elevate with Robert Glazer to discuss his formula for affecting positive change, why it’s a synergistic process and how it can be adapted to any person or organization.

If you value making positive changes in your life, your company and in the world around you, this is an episode to listen carefully to.


  • His powerful formula for change
  • How everyone from CEOs and managers to parents and community activists can apply this formula to affect positive change in others
  • What happens when you violate the formula for change
  • What the Social Discipline Window is and how it can be applied to both our personal and professional lives
  • Where most business leaders go wrong in trying to effect change in their industry or with their team
  • What challenge without connection looks like and vice versa
  • The mistake he made in his career that he learned the most from

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