For the past week, I have constantly been telling my kids to “look up” and have been trying to follow the same advice. Why?

I have read several compelling articles lately deriding the term “social media” as being anything but. They address how, in many ways, it’s actually making us anti-social and may be doing more harm than good. Our brains (especially kids’) are being rewired to respond to digital stimuli instead of people and sensory cues and our attention spans have plummeted to less time than a goldfish.

What does it say about our level of contentment if we can’t have a memory, or a moment of enjoyment or achievement without sharing it with the world?

Please take a few minutes to watch this incredible, though-provoking pieced called “Look Up.” It has been viewed by almost 60 million people worldwide and may just make you rethink how often you and your kids are actually looking up.


Quote of the Week:

“We have been seduced by distraction. We are being pulled away from paying attention to the things that enrich our lives.”

Daniel Goleman, the author of Focus: the Hidden Driver of Excellence


Have a great weekend!