Often, my Friday Forward is inspired by current events and intended to provide a deeper exploration, insight, or reflection on a pertinent topic. But as much as reflection and contemplation are crucial to processing current events, sometimes what’s really needed is action.

All around the world we are seeing climate change affect billions of people. This summer in particular, we’ve seen intensified fires, floods, and droughts. Just last week, my own neighborhood was hit by a record flash flood that caused significant damage just a few streets away from my home. I was lucky.

Also last week, winds from Hurricane Dora severely intensified a wildfire in West Maui which completely devastated and leveled the village of Lahaina, one of the most important sites in Hawaii’s history. In the process, the fire destroyed the home of one of our company’s employees, Jess Davis. Jess has been with Acceleration Partners for almost five years and is an amazing contributor to our team.

Jess and her husband managed to escape the fire with their two-year-old and 10-week-old, but they lost everything–their home, car, computers, and all their baby gear. Anyone who has had children that age can attest to how challenging it is to manage young kids, even under the best circumstances—doing so without a long list of equipment is nearly impossible.

While Jess and her husband feel lucky to have their safety and health, the path ahead for the family will be difficult and expensive. A Go Fund Me campaign has been set up for the family to provide housing, baby gear, childcare, a crib, beds, car seats, toys, furniture, clothes, computers for work, as well as flights to evacuate Maui in search of more sustainable temporary housing.

I’ve often lamented how social media is so often used to distance us from one another even as technology has connected more of us than ever. However, the same technology has the power to profoundly change someone’s life for the better, such as when hundreds or thousands band together to make a meaningful impact. One person donating $25 doesn’t seem like much, but when that action is repeated by thousands, it changes everything.

While certain moments call for our voices, moral support, and unwavering conviction, others simply demand action. This is one of those cases.

With over 100K readers of Friday Forward, it would take mere minutes for this community to help Jess and her family exceed their goal and kickstart their journey back to stability.

I’ve expressed before my sentiments about the phrase “someone should.” In reality, each of us has the opportunity to be that “someone” for a person in need. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the world’s problems, but this is an instance where we can make a tangible difference and perhaps even spark a chain reaction of kindness and goodwill.

I hope that once Jess and her family are back on their feet they can channel their experience to pay it forward to another family who will inevitably find themselves in a similar situation. I also hope to be able to share with you in a few weeks or months the impact of your generosity on Jess and her family’s recovery journey.

You can support Jess and her family by donating directly to their GoFundMe.

Quote of The Week

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”


–Helen Keller