As we start a new year, many of us are no doubt thinking back on 2021, which certainly had both its challenges and opportunities. While there’s no way to know what 2022 will bring us, I thought I would share the five most impactful Friday Forwards of the past year for some key lessons to carry with us into 2022.

1. Body Armor (March 5th)
One of my favorite podcasts of the year was Tim Ferriss’ interview with Brené Brown. Brown shared a valuable insight: that we need to be aware of the psychological armor we carry around, and we need to know when it’s no longer useful to us. (Read Post)

2. Intrinsic Happiness (April 16th)
As we broadcast increasingly more of our lives online, we are often extrinsically motivated by others’ approval. For lasting fulfillment, we need to do the opposite—to decide what really makes us happy and pursue those intrinsic motivations. (Read Post)

3. Purposeful Goals (May 21st)
In November 2018, National Football League player Alex Smith suffered a gruesome leg injury that nearly ended his career, and his life. The story of his amazing comeback to the field includes a vital lesson on the importance of setting purpose-driven goals. (Read Post)

4. 85% Rule (September 3rd)
Delegation is one of the most important leadership skills, but it’s also one of the toughest for new managers to learn. A simple delegation rule can make the learning process easier. (Read Post)

5. Upward Compassion (November 19th)
In challenging times, it’s natural for us to put pressure on our leaders, especially at work. However, it’s crucial to remember that your leaders and managers are often doing their best and facing the same problems as you are. Everyone, from the intern to the CEO, deserves grace and compassion. (Read Post)

Thank you all for continuing to read and share Friday Forward in 2021. I hope you have a happy, healthy and, most importantly, a safe New Year.

Quote of The Week

“You can look forward to the future. The past won’t mind.”


– Hillary DePiano