Episode 116

Elevating Your Capacity in 2021 with Hal Elrod, Ann Miura-Ko, Dandapani and Sean Swarner


In a special end of year episode of the Elevate Podcast, host Robert Glazer shares four interviews from the virtual launch event for his latest book, Friday Forward, released in September 2020.

Robert chats with Hal Elrod, bestselling author of The Miracle Morning, Ann Miura-Ko, one of the world’s top venture capitalists, Dandapani, a Hindu priest, former monk and world-renowned keynote speaker, and Sean Swarner, a cancer survivor who has become one of the world’s best endurance sportsmen. Each guest shares how they build their capacity personally and professionally, and offer tips to help you do the same.

Four Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. How to build a productive, positive morning routine.
2. How to bring a world class level of performance to every part of your life.
3. How to avoid energy vampires in your life, and build better relationships.
4. How to push past your physical limits to achieve more.

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