Episode 263

Thomas Curran on Avoiding The Perfection Trap

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About Dr. Thomas Curran

Dr. Thomas Curran is one of the world’s leading experts on the challenge of perfectionism. Dr. Curran is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological and Behavioral Science at the London School of Economics. He has written about perfectionism in outlets such as the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal, and delivered a popular TEDMED talk “Our Dangerous Obsession with Perfectionism is Getting Worse”. He is also the author of a new enlightening book, The Perfection Trap: Embracing the Power of Good Enough.

Episode Overview

Welcome back to another episode of The Elevate Podcast! This episode features an insightful and thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Thomas Curran, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological and Behavioral Science at the London School of Economics and a leading expert on perfectionism.

In this episode, Dr. Curran discusses the constant sense of striving in life and how the better we perform, the higher our expectations become. He draws an intriguing comparison between life and playing Tetris, where each level gets more challenging. Dr. Curran encourages us to accept ourselves and our circumstances, living contentedly in a messy and imperfect reality.

We dive deep into the impact of perfectionism on our mental health, particularly in the context of the education system. Dr. Curran shares his frustrations with the heavy emphasis on achieving perfection and getting into top schools, which he believes hampers students’ resilience and ability to learn from failures. He delves into the consequences of this pressure, including increased levels of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues among students.

Throughout the episode, we explore strategies for breaking free from the perfection trap, such as embracing collaboration, setting realistic goals, and understanding the positive aspects of conscientiousness. Dr. Curran’s expertise and perspective shed light on the societal obsession with perfection and the importance of finding balance in our pursuit of excellence.

Join us on The Elevate Podcast as we delve into the fascinating world of perfectionism and explore how we can shift our mindset towards self-acceptance, growth, and the power of “good enough”. You won’t want to miss this enlightening and inspiring conversation with Dr. Thomas Curran!

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