Episode 149

Rock Thomas on Living and Leading With Principles (Repost)


Rock Thomas is the founder and CVO of Rock Thomas International, an organization that coaches others to achieve peak performance, and unlock their full potential. He is a serial entrepreneur, a bestselling author, a world-renowned speaker, and the host of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast.

Three Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. How do instill a motivated, inspired mindset in the people you lead.
2. How to identify a coach that will help you reach your full potential.
3. Rock’s seven traits of success, and how he helps people unlock them.

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Topics in the Episode

  • The crucial lessons Rock learned growing up on a farm (1:30)
  • How Rock developed a middle ground between discipline and empathy, as a leader (6:45)
  • The difference between motivating others and inspiring others (12:10)
  • The importance of environment in setting yourself up for success (17:15)
  • How Rock sets himself apart in a crowded coaching space (21:20)
  • Rock’s seven principles of success (29:15)
  • A mistake Rock has made, and what he learned from it (37:30)
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