Episode 114

Rock Thomas on Creating Life-Changing Movements


Rock Thomas is the founder and CVO of Rock Thomas International, an organization that coaches others to achieve peak performance, and unlock their full potential. He is a serial entrepreneur, a bestselling author, a world-renowned speaker, and the host of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast.

Three Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. How do instill a motivated, inspired mindset in the people you lead.
2. How to identify a coach that will help you reach your full potential.
3. Rock’s seven traits of success, and how he helps people unlock them.

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Topics in the Episode

  • The crucial lessons Rock learned growing up on a farm (1:30)
  • How Rock developed a middle ground between discipline and empathy, as a leader (6:45)
  • The difference between motivating others and inspiring others (12:10)
  • The importance of environment in setting yourself up for success (17:15)
  • How Rock sets himself apart in a crowded coaching space (21:20)
  • Rock’s seven principles of success (29:15)
  • A mistake Rock has made, and what he learned from it (37:30)
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