Episode 122

Laura Gassner Otting on Mission and Life Without Limits


Laura Gassner Otting is an expert on helping others find alignment between their purpose and their work. She is a Washington Post bestselling author and keynote speaker who challenges readers and audiences to think beyond their limitations and discover their professional purpose. She has started and led multiple organizations and has authored two books, Mission Driven and Limitless. She has also delivered a TEDx talk, served on Hillary Clinton’s National Finance Committee and was a Presidential Appointee in Bill Clinton’s White House.

Three Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. Three life-changing lessons Laura learned from her first boss.
2. The value of having a “Moment of Rage” to kickstart your entrepreneurial development.
3. How to overcome self-limiting beliefs in your career.

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Topics in the Episode

  • How Laura’s career initially started in politics (3:30)
  • How Laura got a job in the White House, starting Americorp (5:30)
  • Three crucial lessons she learned from her first boss (10:20)
  • How Laura made her transition into the private sector after the White House (14:00)
  • Laura’s “Jerry Maguire Moment,” when she left her first private sector job (18:00)
  • Why so many people fall prey to self-limiting beliefs (22:15)
  • How parents can avoid putting undue pressure on their kids (28:15)
  • What most people get wrong about following a passion (35:10)
  • A mistake Laura has made, and what she learned from it (41:40)
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