Episode 373

Elevate Classics: Kara Goldin on Building Hint Water Into A Global Brand


Kara Goldin is the founder and CEO of Hint Inc., known for its award winning Hint flavored water. She has been named EY Entrepreneur of the Year in Northern California, one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs. She’s also the host of The Kara Goldin Show and the author of the new book, Undaunted.

Three Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. How Kara overcame professional burnout and solved her health problems.
2. How Kara built Hint from scratch, and disrupted the beverage industry.
3. How Kara overcame the initial obstacles Hint faced and built a famous brand.

Learn More about Kara
Kara’s Bio
Kara’s New Book – Undaunted
Kara’s Podcast – The Kara Goldin Show
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Topics in the Episode

  • Kara’s early life in Arizona (2:05)
  • How Kara got her big break working at CNN (7:20)
  • How Kara tried to get a job with Steve Jobs, with no personal connection (9:00)
  • Kara’s experience with burnout, and related health problems (12:00)
  • How Kara decided to make the leap and start Hint Water as a business (17:15)
  • How Hint mastered their direct to consumer model (26:15)
  • How to overcome fear and live Undaunted in life and work (35:30)
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