Episode 2

John Ruhlin on the Art of Gifting in Business

John Ruhlin might be the best gift giver in the world.  As founder of gifting and logistics company, The Ruhlin Group, and author of Giftology, John knows a thing or two about why gifting matters and how, when it’s done right, it’s one of the most effective ways to get more referrals, get a meeting with almost any decision-maker, increase client and employee retention, and win the hearts and minds of influencers and partners.  In this episode, Robert Glazer talks with John about all these benefits of gifting as well as common gifting gaffes.


  • How John got to be one of the top sellers of Cutco knives
  • What is gifting (and what’s not)
  • Why John sent a partner prospect 18 gifts over 18 months
  • How most companies handle their gifting and why it doesn’t have an impact
  • Why companies spend big commission on sales guys but fail to acknowledge those who send them referrals
  • Common misunderstandings and mishaps around gifting
  • Why John doesn’t recommend sending a gift right after being sent a referral
  • Workarounds for companies that can’t receive gifts
  • How to spend a $1 and get $100 of impact
  • One of the best gifts John’s ever been given

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