Episode 108

John Ruhlin on Giving the World’s Best Gifts


John Ruhlin helps leaders give world-class gifts to the most important people in their personal and professional lives.  He’s the founder and CEO of the Ruhlin group and the bestselling author of Giftology, and a keynote speaker who helps brands around the world step up their gifting game.

In his second appearance on the show, John joined Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to talk about why company swag is a waste of money, the greatest gift he’s ever given, and why radical generosity is the key to business and personal achievement.

Three Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. How Relationship Planning can scale your business.
2. How to give the perfect gift: how much money to spend, what to give, and when to give it.
3. How to develop a long-term orientation in your gifting practices.

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John’s Website
John’s Company – Giftology Group
John’s Book – Giftology
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Topics in the Episode

  • The man who taught John to give gifts the right way (1:50)
  • What Radical Generosity means, and how it scales businesses (4:10)
  • How John figures out what gifts to give, and when to give them (11:50)
  • The most creative gift John’s ever received (17:50)
  • The biggest gifting mistake John has heard of (21:55)
  • Why gifting matters more in the pandemic (26:20)
  • How gift-giving gets results when you least expect it (32:49)
  • What John’s next book will be about (35:51)
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