Episode 134

Erica Dhawan on Mastering Digital Body Language


Erica Dhawan is an expert on teamwork and collaboration in the digital age—even body language. She is an award winning keynote speaker and was named the ”Oprah of Management Thinkers,” by Thinkers50. She is also the author of two books, Get Big Things Done, and her latest, Digital Body Language, which publishes today. Erica has degrees from Harvard, MIT and Wharton, and has spoken at the Davos World Economic Forum, TEDx, and to companies as big as Coca-Cola, FedEx and Goldman Sachs.

Erica joined host Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to talk about the new rules of digital communication, the role leaders play in the digital era, and how to communicate effectively, clearly and empathetically in a remote world.

Three Key Things You’ll Learn
1. The key responsibilities of every organizational leader.
2. The different rules of digital communication.
3. How to master digital body language and communicate clearly, effectively and empathetically.

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