Episode 18

Derek Coburn on Un-Networking

Derek Coburn has dedicated his career to … the art of “un-networking” and breaking down the concepts and practices of “traditional networking” in both professional and personal settings.

He began his career as a financial advisor and built a successful wealth management practice mainly by outworking everyone else.

He began using non-traditional networking strategies to triple his revenue and improve the quality of his business and life.

His passion for connecting remarkable professionals led he and his wife to start an “un-networking” community in Washington, DC called CADRE, which currently supports over 100 CEOs and business leaders.

They created CADRE as a way for top-notch professionals to connect and develop meaningful relationships, efficiently and effectively, with the ultimate goal of working together to promote each other while adding value for their existing clients and network.

Derek is also the author of #1 Amazon Best-Selling book Networking is NOT Working, as well as the CEO and co-founder of CADRE, an un-networking community based in Washington, D.C.

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Show Notes

  • How Derek’s ADD helped him hone his networking skills.
  • How Derek went from cold-calling prospects to networking to build his financial advising business.
  • The most common question about networking that Derek gets asked.
  • Advice Derek would give to someone who is looking for a new job but hasn’t really developed their network.
  • Why Derek’s a big fan of double-opt-in approach to making connections.
  • How to approach connecting people.
  • How to determine what requests to say yes/no to.
  • How to successfully reach out to CEOs if you want them to respond to you.
  • What CADRE stands for.
  • Why so many people dread networking.
  • How to approach networking if you’re an introvert.
  • What “Un-networking” means.
  • Networking 3.0 and why that’s where Derek chooses to focus his time and energy.
  • Why Derek prefers lunch networking events vs dinner networking events.
  • The biggest competitor to your business (hint: it’s not another company, person or technology).
  • A networking mistake that Derek’s learned the most from.

Links from the Episode

Episode Transcription
Networking Is Not Working by Derek Coburn
Tim Ferriss podcast on saying “No.” 

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Guest: Derek Coburn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cadredc/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/derekhcoburn
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekcoburn  

Host: Robert Glazer
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