Episode 111

David Meltzer on Building A Fulfilling Life and Working in Sports


David Meltzer is the co-founder and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, one of the world’s leading sports marketing firms, and a master coach and consultant. He is the bestselling author of three books, including Game-Time Decision Making, and the host of the top podcast The Playbook.

Three Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. How to identify when you’ve fallen into an unfulfilling cycle, and how to turn things around.
2. How to build values and purpose into your life, and find happiness as a result.
3. The importance of adopting an mindset of abundance and gratitude.

Learn More about David
David’s Website
David’s Website
David’s Latest Book – Game-Time Decision Making
David’s Podcast – The Playbook
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Topics in the Episode

  • Why David made money the focal point of his early career, and how doing so led him to unhappiness (1:45)
  • How to build values into your life and career (10:05)
  • How David linked up with the real life Jerry Maguire (15:10)
  • How the sports world is adjusting to Covid-19 (19:15)
  • How entrepreneurs can build an effective platform for themselves (25:45)
  • A mistake David has made, and what he learned from it (37:40)
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