Episode 119

Claude Silver on Working At VaynerMedia and Building A Heart-Driven Culture


Claude Silver is the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia and has worked with Gary Vaynerchuk for nearly a decade. She is responsible for building a human-focused company culture and helping over 800 employees feel at home at the business. She is also a top-rated keynote speaker, host of the Silver Lining podcast and a top thought leader on organizational culture..

Three Key Things You’ll Learn:

1. How to develop a company culture where employees are valued and constantly growing.
2. The best way to manage millennial and Gen Z employees.
3. How to create a psychologically safe, high-performance company culture.

Learn More about Claude
Claude’s Website
Claude’s Company – VaynerMedia
Claude’s Podcast – The Silver Lining Podcast
Follow Claude: Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Topics in the Episode

  • How Claude started her career during the Dot Com Bubble (1:50)
  • How Claude met Gary Vee, started working with him and developed her Chief Heart Officer role (4:15)
  • Why the wall between work and personal lives is coming down (10:05)
  • Helping employees protect their mental health, especially during COVID-19 (19:15)
  • How to motivate employees to keep improving, even during hard times (23:30)
  • What it’s like to work for Gary Vee, and how he and Claude complement each other’s styles (27:30)
  • How to give effective feedback in an organization (34:30)
  • A Mistake Claude has made, and what she learned from it (39:22)
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