Episode 268

Why Top Economist Brian Beaulieu Believes Everything About The Economy Will Change In 2030

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Brian Beaulieu is the CEO of ITR Economics and an esteemed economist with over 40 years of experience in business cycle trend analysis. Brian and his team have a track record of 96% accuracy in economic forecasts. Brian is also the author of several popular books, including Prosperity in the Age of Decline and Make Your Move. Brian has provided insightful workshops and seminars to thousands of executives Vistage International and TEC, organizations of over 13,000 CEOs globally.

Brian joined host Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to share his career and offer a bold economic projection that you don’t want to miss. Learn why Brian believes everything about the global economy will change in 2030–and what you can do to prepare for that seismic shift.

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